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Compact Home Theater Systems

Not every home theater system owner wants to be constantly reminded of his technology's presence. Obtrusive wires and bulky components are unsightly and detract from a room's aesthetics. That's why our audio experts at soundmatters developed outstanding home theater systems that are compact, simple, and lightweight.

Soundmatters burst onto the scene in 1998, and has acquired accolades for our FULLstageHD, MAINstageHD, and MAINstage surround systems. CNET selected our MAINstageHD home theater system as one of their "Top Ten Must Haves", while the International Consumer Electronics Show named the original MAINstage one of the most innovative products of the year. More stellar reviews followed from the likes of Popular Mechanics, Home, SoundStage!, and Popular Science.

Digital Science Meets Compact Home Theater Systems
Indeed, the science behind soundmatters' compact home theater systems is what allows us to pack true audiophile sound into such a small console. Audio legend and soundmatters founder Dr. Godehard Guenther and his team pioneered the use of rare-earth magnetic structures as well as digital power supplies and amplification that pack an incredible punch into one simple console. The smart use of this technology also keeps our prices reasonable.

Find out why the high-end audio and home-theater-systems industry sits up and takes notice when soundmatters talks about compact home theater systems. Locate a dealer here on our website or simply call us at 800-698-SOMA (7662). Soundmatters gives you the exceptional sound, style, simplicity, and savings you want in a compact home theater system.

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