The industry reference for pocket-sized
hi-fi audio performance
  Professional-quality candybar-sized portable music monitoring system
  Patented Bass-Battery™ for deep bass and up to 20 hours battery life, output wattage doubles when wall-powered
  Speakerphone/conferencing via built-in noise-canceling microphone
  Sub Output for optional powered foxLO subwoofer
  Int'l charging kit, cables, travel pouch, anti-slip acoustic mat included
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  Purist (Non-Bluetooth) Up to 24 hours battery life
msrp $199
  aptX Bluetooth Up to 12 hours battery life (Bluetooth on) msrp $249 $199
  Platinum msrp $279 $229 (special edition)
Up to 20 hours battery life (Bluetooth on), AudioQuest Cable included

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  • The "audiophile's choice" foxL, with up to 20 hours battery life, with aptX® Bluetooth and a special edition AudioQuest® Audio Cable for highest resolution critical listening.
  • The newest generation of the legendary foxL, the world's first good sounding Bluetooth speaker (and speakerphone)…the industry reference, now improved with aptX®.
  • The purist simplest foxL...
    amazing sound, pocket-portable, goes anywhere.

  It DID take a rocket scientist...
The world's only hi-fi quality pocket-portable speakers
It took a rocket scientist... foxL was developed by soundmatters founder and audio design legend, Dr. Godehard Guenther - a physicist and former NASA engineer.

"Music is a big part of my life, yet so is travel. There weren't any really small hifi-quality portable loudspeakers - so utilizing a number of our patented and proprietary technologies, I developed one myself. A true labor of love, I named it after Fox, my 1st grandson. Listen and enjoy."

  • "The hype around Soundmatters' foxL v2 lives up to Henry Rollins' musician standards. Rollins is 'astonished' by the sound quality that comes from such a small package"
  • "Editors Rating: **** Excellent"
  • "Astonishing sound for its size. The amount of bass and its complex range makes the speaker's dimensions seem like an optical illusion."
  • "Sound is jaw-dropping big, in dramatic inverse proportion to its size - the audio here is, frankly, amazing given the size."
  • "...oozes quality, and both the audio quality and the power are eyebrow-raising"

  The world's reference portable speaker/speakerphone just keeps getting better...
Since its introduction in 2008 as one of TIME magazine's Top 10 Gadget of the Year (along with the iPhone), the foxL V-series keeps getting better and better. Now with extended response, deeper bass and Bluetooth aptX. For 2013 senior editor Robert Deutsch of audio purist's "bible" STEREOPHILE called the V2 "amazing" (& bought one for himself), while BEATWEEK magazine named it the "Portable Speaker of the Year!"

Engineered (and patented) like no other...
It’s about sound, not big-buck marketing!

Linear Magnetic Drive Twoofer
Unlike other portable speaker systems, foxL engineered around a pair of proprietary, highly sophisticated acoustic drivers, unique in their ability to reproduce both extreme high (tweeter) and low (woofer) frequencies from a single very small diameter (25mm) dome speaker, dubbed the "Twoofer".

Covered by a portfolio of patents, the Twoofer incorporates soundmatter's Linear Magnetic Drive topology featuring field-focused, back-to-back, dual Extreme-Energy™ neodymium magnets and a 1-inch, dual voice coil.

Skintight DomeForward Enclosure
foxL incorporates high-tech glass-filled composite walls to form a "skintight" ultra-rigid totally sealed acoustic enclosure...often confused with metal, but much lighter, for portability.

Unlike others that mount their acoustic drivers in manner that actually obstructs their sound, especially if the listener is off-axis from the front of the speakers' direct "line of sight," foxL's Twoofer speakers, are mounted "dome forward" from the enclosure, protected by a grille designed to maximize acoustic transparency. Another reason why unlike typical small speakers, foxL sounds open and airy, almost regardless of its location.

Covered by a portfolio of patents, the Twoofer incorporates soundmatter's Linear Magnetic Drive topology featuring field-focused, back-to-back, dual Extreme-Energy™ neodymium magnets and a 1-inch, dual voice coil.

Connect to all your favorite devices.
foxL’s implementation of Bluetooth v2.1 A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) technology was optimized for both wide response and low distortion...this extra effort ensures surprisingly high quality stereo-music streaming (AND DON”T FORGET IT’S ALSO A VERY COMPETENT SPEAKERPHONE.) aptX® provides CD-like sound quality when used in conjunction with any aptX-equipped source... like the Samsung Galaxy. When no Bluetooth is available, or for the very best in sound quality, use the included audio cable.

A built-in woofer that’s also the 12
(or 20 hour) battery!
For additional bass, without compromising stringent weight & space restrictions, soundmatters engineered & patented a highly effective design, the BassBattery. It's a flat-pack high-capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery which is molded into a rubber-encased suspension, allowing it to do double duty as an acoustic bass driver.

Make the best even better

  Take foxL deep with the optional
foxLO subwoofer
The V2 and foxLO combine to create a "have to be heard to be believed" full-range stereo system with extended bass response down another full octave (to 38Hz @ .5m). Or quickly detach the sub, and foxL slides into your pocket or purse.

Note: foxLO’s tiny chassis/big built-in amp does means no built-in battery, wall power required.

Add a 2nd foxL to create a music monitoring system
good enough for the pros.
"on the road... i used to have to bring a separate suitcase w/ speakers in it to be able to hear music i'm working on but now my hotel room setup is this.
my laptop with two foxL speakers... with the adapter to run them both out of the computer... the sound is a perfect smaller version of exactly what my music sounds like in the studio... the physical proportions of the instruments, and the eq's are all correct. it's fantastic... pretty remarkable, but try it yourself... take any song you are truly familiar with... listen to it again and again on your big speakers and then listen to it on the pair of foxL's... it's astounding. the fidelity and the balances are exact. brilliant."

- Waddie Wachtel
Legendary guitarist/composer/producer for artists such as the the Rolling Stones, Everly Brothers,
Carole King, James Taylor, Leann Rimes, & most recently musical director/lead guitarist for Stevie Nicks

foxLv2 DNA...
To achieve audiophile-approved sound quality and its remarkable 8-octave bandwidth, the tiny foxL utilizes highly advanced speaker technologies found nowhere else, regardless of size or price. On-board amplification is supplied by four ultra high-efficiency digital amplifiers delivering total power up to 4W at < 0.1%THD.

Included in the Box
A. foxL
B. Int’l wall prong adapters (EU/UK/AU) & wall charger
C. USB-A to mini-USB charging cable
D. USB-A to 5V coax/barrel high-power charging cable
E. Travel Pouch


F. Anti-slip Acoustic Mat
G. User Manual
H. Wrist Lanyard
I. 3.5mm Audio cable
(Platinum's AudioQuest cable shown)

foxLv2 Features
  Highest-fidelity resolution with pocket-sized portability
  Listen wirelessly with Auto-Bluetooth Stereo* or
connect to any music source via standard audio
cable **foxLv2 Bluetooth with Bluetooth compatible phone or computer
  aptX® Bluetooth for CD-like wireless listening
  Phone conferencing/hands-free speakerphone**
with One-Button Answer/Terminate from speaker
**(foxLv2 Bluetooth with Bluetooth compatible phone or computer)
  Up to 20 hours battery life, when wall-powered output wattage increases
  Lithium-ion BassBattery™ re-chargable via USB
or wall charger
  Output for optional powered subwoofer like foxLO
Battery Life:   up to 12 hours (20 hours, Platinum) Bluetooth off, 76dB @ .5m
Power:   2W x 2 <0.1%THD, 5V in
1W x 2 <0.1%THD, 3.6V in
Output Level:   97dB @ 0.5m, 5V
95dB @ 0.5m, 3.6V
Freq. Response:   70Hz-20kHz +/- 6dB, .5m
Connections:   power in, audio in, sub out
AC Adapter:   5V 2A Max 15W
Dimensions:   143 x 55 x 35 mm (5.6 x 2.2 x 1.4 inch)

Soundmatters believes in a policy of continuous improvement, therefore specifications are subject to change without notice.


Q1: I received my foxL, connected the power adapter, and immediately played my favorite didn't as good as all the reviews said it would?!!!

For best sound quality your new foxL needs to be initially fully charged - until the LED turns green, even when not playing on batteries. Also, you'll find that the sound will improve after it has been played for a few hours, known in the audio industry as "burn-in."

Q2: Can I use a different power adapter than the one supplied?

Yes... foxL accepts a barrel connector used on a number of (earlier) Nokia phones. While we can suggest any 5V 800mV-3A charger with the appropriate connector (i.e. the Nokia ACP-12U), soundmatters naturally can only guarantee the charger we supply will work properly with foxL.

Q3: I am trying to add a new device and it won't find the foxL.

When you turn the foxL on the green light on the front should start out flashing slowly, and then , after about 30 seconds if it has not connected with any device it should start blinking rapidly. The rapidly blinking green light indicates the foxL is discoverable. So this would be the time to try the Bluetooth search on your device.

If the green light on the front of the foxL starts out blinking slowly and after 30 seconds it has not been discovered or connected with the desired device, but the green light is still blinking slowly, this indicates that the foxL has connected with a device other than the desired device, and the foxL can only connect with one device at a time, so you will need to find that device and either power it down, turn the Bluetooth off, or move the device 40 or so feet away and try again.

Q4: foxL can be charged from USB but it takes much longer than wall charging...why?

Yes, while a USB-A to mini-USB connector cable is included with your foxLv2, only 500ma are available via a USB port (close to the minimum required to charge foxL) so it will take longer. Also, play while connected using our 5V barrel connection benefits from double the output power, which is not available when USB charged.

Q5: When I turn-up foxL it sometimes wants to "walk" across the table...why and how do I prevent this?

FoxL's generates an enormous amount of bass energy for such a tiny enclosure. We utilized rubber shock absorbing material feet to minimize movement, however some of this energy does transfer from the chassis. This allows you to feel the bass - for example if foxL is sitting on a desk you are touching, on a sofa cushion you are sitting on, or against your chest if you've got it hanging as a necklace. With foxLv2, we now include an anti-slip acoustic mat which greatly limits foxL's dance moves.

Q6: Can I use foxL with my iPhone for Bluetooth streaming music wirelessly, what about other phones and tablets?

Sure! With any iPhone (from the 3G with iOS 3.0 or higher) or any other device with Bluetooth A2DP 2.0 or higher. pair/connect and stream stereo Bluetooth seamlessly. Unfortunately the original iPhone cannot be upgraded for Bluetooth stereo.

Q7: I understand the latest foxLv2 models include the aptX circuit to improve wireless sound quality. Is it compatible with Bluetooth devices without aptX?!

Yes both the foxLv2 Platinum and V2 aptX include this circuit. These speakers work great with products that don't have aptX, like the iPhone and iPad, but you can take advantage of its sonic improvements when it is used in conjunction with aptX devices like many phones and tablets from Samsung, Motorola, and HTC.

Q8: The original iPhone's doesn't work with the audio cable you include with foxL?

The iPhone's headphone jack is inset in its chassis, it uses a standard 3.5mm stereo connector but requires a smaller plastic jacket to insert into the phone. These are available from iPhone accessory dealers (or you can just carefully trim down the connector jacket on one end of our audio cable to make it fit. Note that newer versions of the iPhones have changed to a compatible headphone jack.

Q9: Can I replace my battery?

The BassBattery in foxL is designed to be replaceable by an authorized service center... for the time being, this means sending it back to us at soundmatters.

Q10: I notice that after listening on battery power, sometimes one channel seems less loud or cuts out?

The foxL has overload protection that kicks in much quicker on battery than it will on AC (foxL's power is double when plugged into the wall), you're probably playing notes/level that cause clipping, and the protection circuit is activating to keep from damaging the speakers. The foxL is pretty amazing for its size, but it is small which creates some compromises. If you play the same things using AC, you will have more volume and much less chance of the protection circuits kicking in.

Q11: The original foxL and foxLv2 looks the same, how can I easily identify which is which?

The back left model label on both the foxLv2 and foxLv2 Bluetooth has a small 2, 2.2, or 2.2a in the bottom right corner...the original models do not.

Q12: How does the 2.2a differ from the 2.2?

The "a" designates that the subwoofer output's level has been most accurately matched to input of our foxLO subwoofer, as does our DASH7 model. An attenuation cable is provided with the foxLO for matching our other models.

Q13: I sometimes hear a high pitched tone when turning on the foxLv2 Bluetooth...what is this?

You are hearing the circuitry which searches for a Bluetooth partner, it will last about 30 seconds. You may continue to hear some modest level of background noise when the Bluetooth circuitry is engaged but it is normally in-audible during music playback. If you want to turn off the Bluetooth circuit, press and hold the front button for 5 seconds. After auto-search, if no Bluetooth partner is found the Bluetooth circuitry will automatically turn off after 2.5 minutes.

Q14: I can't seem to connect via Bluetooth to my new iPad, but connect fine via my iPhone?

You can't have two Bluetooth stereo devices (i.e. both your iPad and iPhone) connected simultaneously to the foxL (or any other speaker/headset). foxL stores your previously paired Bluetooth devices and will try to connect with the last one it was used with wirelessly. If that was your iPhone, you'll need to turn its Bluetooth off before initially pairing and wirelessly connecting with another device.

Q15: I can't seem to connect via Bluetooth to my Windows 7 (or 8) PC? It worked fine with Vista and XP?

For some reason it appears Microsoft elected not to include the drivers necessary to support Bluetooth A2DP (stereo) on Windows 7 and some early versions of Windows 8. You will need to contact your PC manufacturer and obtain a stereo compatible driver.

Q16: My box and owners manual indicate foxLv2 has up to 5 hours battery life but I now see my that online and in some reviews it indicated as 8 or 12 hours?

It seems that with every shipment that our batteries continue to get better and after doing extensive measurements at the end of last year we raised the spec to 8 of this fall units are played at normal volume (with Bluetooth Off) are lasting well over 12 hours so we've decided to raise the spec to 12 hours. Our packaging and manual haven't caught up yet. Sorry about any confusion.

Q17: I dropped my foxL and now have a very small dent in the grill, will this cause any problems?

The bumps built into the grill are there to allow for the extreme excursion capabilities of the "twoofer/speaker inside and even a small dent can cause it to "hit" on some notes causing distortion. Contact our support department for more details on repair/replacement of the grill.

"I was blown away by how good the sound was: smooth and well-balanced throughout the frequency range, and showing little strain at high levels. Voices sounded very natural, with Rod Gilfry's baritone (My Heart Is So Full of You, Narratus 07, one of my last year's R2D4 picks) having the proper weight-quite amazing, given the size of the device. Predictably, the analog connection sounded better than Bluetooth, but even the latter sounded acceptable. An amazing product...I am buying one."

- Bob Deutsch,, January 2013

"The foxL v2 Platinum is the single most astonishing piece of audio gear I have ever heard. All of this has a list price of $279, but can be found online for $229. That didn't stop some of the computer a-hole writers from saying "such quality doesn't come cheap." Something is wrong with those geeks.

The sound produced by the foxL v2 Platinum amazed me. A low end that goes down to 80Hz means that human voices sound convincingly right. I took the review sample to the house of a music-loving friend, the owner of a wine shop, and played him Jacqueline Du Pré performing Elgar's Cello Concerto. "It does cello!" he exclaimed in amazement. The comment by my next-door neighbor, an audiophile, though incredibly positive, is unprintable.

The foxL v2 Platinum does do cello. It goes deep enough to rock out reasonably well. It will just plain amaze you, no matter your musical tastes. Along with the physics-defying low-end extension, it sounded clean and linear.

I'm not saying that this little wonder performs better than a big system - I'll leave that kind of hyperbole to the "B" company - but after playing with this thing for a month, all I can say is what I said the first time I heard it: The foxL v2 Platinum is the single most astonishing piece of audio gear I've ever heard. It belongs under every audiophile's Christmas tree or Chanukah menorah or Ramadan fanoos or Kwanzaa kinara or agnostic question mark."

- Michael Fremer, Contributing Editor, Stereophile for

"If you were to hear the pocket-sized foxL V2 before you saw it, you'd think the crisp highs, deep bass, and crystal clear vocals were coming from a speaker fives times its size.

"BEST in CLASS" (vs. Altec, Creative, Jawbone, Supertooth)"

- GEAR, Men's Journal

"The amazing thing about this speaker is the sound you get out of this little box."

View the review here.

- Ced Kurtz,

"The amazing thing about this speaker is the sound you get out of this little box."

View the review here.

- Ced Kurtz,

"Packing for efficiency and utility has become an obsession with me. Anything that makes the pack lighter is great. So, when I come across something that saves me space and weight and on that rare occasion, not only meets but exceeds expectation, I cannot keep the good news to myself."

"The Foxl V2 provides warm and solid lows, well-defined mids and distinct highs that do not grate against the listening experience as so many small speakers do, even at hefty volumes.Many times I have found myself looking at this thing, still astonished at the full and excellently realized sound coming at me. The construction of the casing is rugged, you get plugs for all countries and with every kind of music I have put through the Foxl V2, the results have been great."

"So, travelers of all stripes, or any of you looking for a small system for your room or office that can fit in your pocket and go for a good long time on a full charge, this is ultimate gear."

- Henry Rollins,

"When we reviewed the first edition of the Soundmatters Foxl Personal Audiophile Speaker (Bluetooth) last year, its small footprint and large soundstage over a wired connection blew us away. We preferred the Bluetooth-free model, since the wireless audio quality tended to suffer from aural degradation. A little more than a year later, Soundmatters has a new version of the Bluetooth portable speaker that not only improves on the wireless audio quality, but also extends the wireless range and includes a built-in speakerphone for portable teleconferencing. At $200 for the Bluetooth model, the FoxL v2 is certainly one of the more expensive portable speakers we've tested, but the fidelity and build quality make it a worthwhile purchase for serious audiophiles on the run."


- Justin Yu,

"...the foxL (v2 Bluetooth) is unbelievable. I spent my first ten minutes with the foxL just staring at it, wondering how the hell they manage to get so much volume out of such a little speaker."

"...we have featured travel friendly speakers here on Gadling before, but none of them get even remotely close to the performance of the foxl."

"Battery life is rated at 5 hours - which is quite astounding, given how well this thing performs."

"I'm not joking when I say that the foxL performs better than my (pretty pricey) PC speakers. Best of all the foxL doesn't just excel in volume, it also produces amazing clarity."

- Scott Carmichael,

"The foxL (v2 Bluetooth) has astonishing sound for its size; The amount of bass and its complex range make the speaker's 2.2" by 5.6" by 1.4" dimensions seem like an optical illusion."

- John Dioso, Rolling Stone

"The foxL's [v2 Bluetooth wireless] sound is jaw-droppingly big, in dramatic inverse proportion to its size. Upper-bass response is very impressive for such a small device, especially when the FoxL is positioned near a wall. (The packaging includes a miniature rubber mat to prevent the speaker from hopping across the table as it plays; you'll need that mat with bass-heavy music.) The FoxL automatically reduces volume a bit when powered off the built-in battery, but even then it gets very loud. Overall the FoxL actually sounds beefier than the not-too-shabby itself [much much larger] Soundblade - the audio here is, frankly, amazing given the size of what's producing it. If portability or sound quality is your number one goal, go with the pocket-sized FoxL (v2 Bluetooth)."

- Review Roundup - Bluetooth Speakers,

"A few weeks ago, Soundmatters VP Lee Adams stopped by to give me a quick demo of the first engineering sample of the new V2 Bluetooth FoxL...The performance of the V2 Bluetooth was obviously better than that of the first Bluetooth model. The sound I heard playing tunes from Adams' iPhone through the Bluetooth connection was nearly as good as what you'd get with a wired connection."

- Brent Butterworth, Sound & Vision

"The sound quality from the Soundmatters FoxL speaker system is almost alarmingly good for a unit that, at a push, would fit in a jeans pocket."



"The bottom line: The Soundmatters FoxL Personal Audiophile Loudspeaker is well-constructed and offers a super compact design without sacrificing sound quality. Sure, it's pricey, but it's worth it."

"We could not believe the sound that came out of these tiny speakers."

- Rolling Stone

"The foxL is simply the best thing to happen to business travel since Wi-Fi."

"It's a pocket-sized Bluetooth speaker for your MP3 player and a hands-free communication system for your car. Critics love the FoxL speaker, which, though no bigger than an eyeglasses case, transmits sound that's rich enough to please a cranky audiophile. Wirelessly tether it to your cell phone, take it along in the car, and a built-in microphone allows you to handle phone calls on the road. (Note: The Bluetooth streaming feature works on any A2DP-compatible device; Apple has not turned on the protocol for the iPhone so you need to use a standard audio cable.)"

We've got to cover our butt here and note that Soundmatters has no in-car mounting system available at this time and therefore does not recommend using foxL in-car and shares no liability should you choose to do so ...DON'T USE IT IN A CAR!. Nuff said."


Limited Warranty
soundmatters international, inc. (soundmatters) warrants foxL to the original consumer purchaser to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year after the date of purchase.

FOR COMPLETE DETAILS OF THIS WARRANTY contact soundmatters at, or by telephone at 775.981.1460 ext.2 or 800.698.SOMA ext. 2 (in US).

IMPORTANT - Keep your original sales receipt. Be sure the retail dealer has written on it the date, model number and serial number of the Product. This information is required for warranty service. Be sure to obtain and retain proof of shipment.

This warranty does not cover:

  • Damage that is the result of misuse, abuse, accident (including but not limited to damage by water), faultyhookup, defective or maladjusted associated equipment, or the use of the Product with equipment for which it was not intended.
  • Cosmetic defects that appear more than thirty (30) days after the date of purchase. Cosmetic damage caused by improper handling is also excluded.
  • Damage that occurs while the Product is being shipped to whoever will service it.

This warranty is void if:

  • The Product identification or serial number label is removed or defaced in any way.
  • The Product is serviced or repaired by anyone other than soundmatters or an authorized soundmatters dealer or service agency.

* With standard Bluetooth v2.1 A2DP compatibility