Musical, powerful and oh-so-thin, DASH7
  extended-range + Aux Inputs .
  State-of-the-art audio performance, ultimate portability - weighs only 7.1 oz.
  3/4" height, disappears below tablets/monitors
  Patented Bass-Battery™ for deep bass and up to 12 hours battery life
  Speakerphone/conferencing via built-in noise-canceling microphone
  Sub output for optional foxLO subwoofer
  Int'l charging kit, cables, combo stand/travel case included
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  • "Mighty Sound"
  • "top of the microwireless speaker class"
  • "Best New Travel Gadget of 2014."
  • "my favorite product of the show"
  • "No compromises...Editors Pick"
  • "The One Bluetooth Speaker to Buy"

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Introducing DASH7™ - The über-flat, slides in your pocket, truly amazing, wireless sound bar
(& speakerphone).

Musical, powerful and oh-so-thin, DASH7

Beautiful sound. A DASH of color.

midnight black

arctic white

vibrant red

platinum silver

Connect to all your favorite devices.
Soundmatters didn’t invent the Bluetooth speaker, just the ones that sound good.
For streaming music, or a wireless phone call, DASH7 provides great sound and extended Bluetooth listening range...connects to smart phones, tablets, laptops and more*. No Bluetooth capability? Want even better sound? Connect the included audio cable to your device’s 1/8-inch / 3.5mm headphone jack.

* With standard Bluetooth v2.1 A2DP compatibility

Patented Twoofers™ and BassBattery™
Shockingly good sound and up to 12 hours of battery life.
DASH7 incorporates the most advanced highest performance version of Soundmatters legendary Twoofers (tweeters that also woof), these pancake-flat ultra power neodymium drivers provide an uniquely wide frequency range and are augmented by our patented rechargeable BassBattery which not only delivers up to 12 hours of playback but augments the powered Twoofers by ingeniously doubling as a passive bass woofer. The result - over 8 octaves of music reproduction (for spec-hounds, that 70Hz-20kHz +/-3dB @0.5m).

Built-in Noise Canceling Microphone Adds Speakerphone Capability.
Sometimes a phone call can be music to your ears
Multi-tasking while talking to dad, or an impromptu conference call, DASH7's Bluetooth echo/noise canceling microphone provides clarity to your calls. Answer, terminate, reject, or transfer a call back to your phone all from your DASH7

Aim for the Sky or Face the Music.
DASH7 defies conventional wisdom about sound.
Wherever, whenever---DASH7 turns your tablet, phone or laptop into a personal amphitheater.
For a full movie experience, it nests in front of your tablet (without blocking the screen) ... or provides omni-directional sound anywhere. For critical high-resolution listening. Aim it on-axis with your ears, by turning the included case into an angled stand.

Take your DASH even deeper.
Add a foxLO Subwoofer.
Create the ultimate desktop/travel-friendly
full-range audio system.

DASH7 and foxLO combine to create a "have to be heard to be believed" full-range stereo system with extended bass response down another full octave (to 38Hz @ .5m). Or quickly detach the sub, and DASH slides into your pocket or purse.
Note: foxLO's tiny chassis/big built-in amp means there's no built-in battery so it needs wall power.

Small size. Big Performance Features.

Included in the Box
B. 5V 2A AC wall charger
C. Int’l wall prong adapters (EU/UK/AU)
D. USB-A to 5V coax/barrel high-power charging cable


E. User Manual
F. USB-A to microUSB charging cable
G. Audio cable
H. Combination Travel Case/Stand/Mat


Battery Life:   up to 12 hours, or more (Bluetooth Off, 76dB @ 0.5m)
Power:   2W x 2 < 0.1% THD, 5V (high power) in
1W x 2 < 0.1%THD, 3.6V (micro USB) in
Output Level:   97dB @ 0.5m 5V
94dB @ 0.5m 3.6V
Frequency Response:   70-20kHz +/-3dB @ .5m
AC Adapter:   100-240V 5V 2A Max 10W (supplied)
Dimensions:   0.75”x 2.1” x 7.5” (18mm x 53mm x 190mm)
Weight:   7.1 oz (201 grams)

Soundmatters believes in a policy of continuous improvement, therefore specifications are subject to change without notice.


Q1: I just got a new phone, how do I pair my Dash to a new device?

First, make sure your old device is either turned off, or the Bluetooth is turned off. Then, press and hold the power button on the Dash until you see the LED start to flash Blue/yellow, this means the Dash is discoverable. Now start the Bluetooth search on your new device. When you see the Dash appear on the list of Bluetooth devices you may need to select it and tell your new device to connect with the Dash.

Q2: I received my Dash, connected the power adapter, and immediately played my favorite didn't sound as good as all the reviews said it would?!!!

For best sound quality your new Dash needs to be initially fully charged - until the LED turns green, even when not playing on batteries.

Also, you'll find that the sound will improve after it has been played for a few hours, known in the audio industry as "burn-in." .

Q3: Can I use a different power adapter than the one supplied?

Yes... Any 5v 2 amp charger with a USB port can be used with the Dash high power barrel connector for faster charging and double power for best sound. Or you can use the supplied micro USB cable for a slower charge.

Q4: Dash can be charged from USB but it takes much longer than wall charging...why?

While a USB-A to micro-USB connector cable is included with your DASH7, only 500ma are available via a USB port (close to the minimum required to charge ) so it will take longer. Also, play while connected using our 5V barrel connection benefits from double the output power, which is not available when USB charged.

Q5: When I turn-up Dash it sometimes wants to "walk" across the table...why and how do I prevent this?

All foxLs generates an enormous amount of bass energy for such a tiny enclosure. We utilized rubber shock absorbing material feet to minimize movement, however some of this energy does transfer from the chassis. This allows you to feel the bass - for example if DASH is sitting on a desk you are touching, on a sofa cushion you are sitting on. Using the supplied protective case to either lay your Dash flat (for improved bass) or to stand your Dash up (for increased imaging) will keep the Dash's dance moves to a minimum.

Q6: Can I use Dash with my iPhone for Bluetooth streaming music wirelessly, what about other phones and tablets?

Sure! With any iPhone (from the 3G with iOS 3.0 or higher) or any other device with Bluetooth A2DP 2.0 or higher.

Q7: Can I replace my battery?

The BassBattery in Dash is designed to be replaceable by an authorized service center... for the time being, this means sending it back to us at soundmatters.

Q8: I've Bluetooth paired my DASH with lots of devices in the past and now it won't pair with anything new?

The DASH can store up to 8 different Bluetooth devices in its code library and it sounds like you need to clear it to make room for new ones. See your user manual or contact our tech support for simple instructions.

Q9: I notice that after listening on battery power, sometimes one channel seems less loud or cuts out?

The Dash has overload protection that kicks in much quicker on battery than it will on AC (foxL's power is double when plugged into the wall), you're probably playing notes/level that cause clipping, and the protection circuit is activating to keep from damaging the speakers. The foxL is pretty amazing for its size, but it is small which creates some compromises. If you play the same things using AC, you will have more volume and much less chance of the protection circuits kicking in.

Q10: I sometimes hear a high pitched tone when turning on the foxLv2 Bluetooth...what is this?

You are hearing the circuitry which searches for a Bluetooth partner, it will last about 30 seconds. You may continue to hear some modest level of background noise when the Bluetooth circuitry is engaged but it is normally in-audible during music playback. If you want to turn off the Bluetooth circuit, press and hold the front button for 5 seconds. After auto-search, if no Bluetooth partner is found the Bluetooth circuitry will automatically turn off after 2.5 minutes.

Q11: I can't seem to connect via Bluetooth to my new iPad, but connect fine via my iPhone?

You can't have two Bluetooth stereo devices (i.e. both your iPad and iPhone) connected simultaneously to the DASH. DASH stores your previously paired Bluetooth devices and will try to connect with the last one it was used with wirelessly. If that was your iPhone, you'll need to turn its Bluetooth off before initially pairing and wirelessly connecting with another device.

Q12: I can't seem to connect via Bluetooth to Windows 7 PC or Windows 8 PC? It worked fine with Vista and XP

For some reason it appears Microsoft elected not to include the drivers necessary to support Bluetooth A2DP (stereo) on Windows 7 and some early versions of Windows 8. You should be able to go to the website of your PC manufacturer to download the latest Bluetooth drivers.

Q13: What is the best position to have my Dash in for listening?

If you prefer increased bass response, unfold the Dash protective case and lay the Dash flat on it face up. If you would prefer a wider sound, use the case to stand your Dash up so it is facing you.

"Big sound...begs to be included where-ever you and your electronics devices roam."

- LA Times

"The Dash 7 has never committed that sin, pumping perfectly-aligned audio that, when aimed directly at your face, is also surprisingly expansive, wrapping around like the left and rear-channel components of a surround-sound system. Bottom line: It's a wonderfully rich speaker that's up for any task, whether you're listening to Matthew McConaughey's morose ramblings on True Detective or lounging on some sandy, sun-speckled beach"

- Men's Journal, 2/14

"Of the hundreds of wireless Bluetooth speakers aiming at your travel dollar, the FoxL DASH7 offers the perfect mix of features: portable size not much bigger than a pencil box, hi-fi clarity and quality in its audio delivery"

- Best New Travel Gadgets for 2014/Tom Samiljan, TRAVEL+LEISURE

"It won't play as loud or as low as many of the larger (Edifier, Cambridge Soundworks, Braven, NYNE, JBL. Geneva) speakers here, but nothing else here can touch the audiophile-pleasing clarity of the DASH-7. And with its slim profile, it's by far the easiest one to slip into a computer case."

- 8 Bluetooth Speakers Better Than the Beats Pill/Brent Butterworth/

"Despite continued improvements by tablet manufacturers, sound quality is not generally a selling point for most tablets. The Dash 7 is less than eight inches wide, and only three-quarters of an inch thick, but yields deep, rich sound. It's slim size, and a weight of just over seven ounces make it easily portable"

- Forbes 12/13

"top of the micro wireless speaker class." -- "sounds very good for its size" -- "doubles as a speakerphone and works well in that capacity" -- "stream Bluetooth to the speaker from over 50 feet away" -- " Battery...rated at 12 hours for wireless streaming, which is better than average"

- December 4, 2013

"I was immediately blown away by the sound. RMAF 2013 (Rocky Mountain Audio Fair) hadn't officially started and I knew I'd already heard my favorite product of the show." How can the sound of a $100k reference system, the Peachtree Deepblue, and the foxL DASH7 all be excellent? Everything is relative...In its category the DASH7 is the best speaker I've ever heard. Its sound is excellent. Sure I want more from the $219 DASH7 loudspeaker but I also want more from my TAD CR1 loudspeakers with an MSRP of over $40,000. Once in a while getting good music to locations where one wants to listen is most important. Moving one's main two channel system to an office, kitchen, or bicycle handlebars isn't going to happen for most of us. Spending a bit over two hundred bucks for the foxL DASH7 is likely in reach for all but the poorest college student computer audiophile. I highly recommend picking up a DASH7 or two or three. The Computer Audiophile contributing writers don't know it yet, but they'll each be receiving a DASH7 from the CA Santa Clause this holiday season."

- - Chris Connaker/ 12/13

"Almost all small Bluetooth speakers lack something - definition, bass, balance, power, etc - but there are no compromises you have to make with the foxL DASH7. It's one of those "Wow!" products that never fails to put a smile on your face, and we have no hesitation in giving Soundmatters another perfect score and an Editor's Pick."

- David Bullard, November 1, 2013

"I pulled up The Cars Door to Door album (The Cars music is well-engineered for stereo), and started Strap Me In which has a good blend of hard rock guitar, upper range electronic organ and a deep bass drive. The first thing I noticed, past that of there being good stereo separation as I stood dead center in front, was that the sound-field seemed much wider than would be expected from such a small speaker. It seemed as wide as that of speaker docks 3X the size. The volume level was also pretty loud indeed for a miniature speaker and I could drive it up nearly 75‰ before the sound became muddled. There was also a very good clarity to the guitars and the lower register (i.e., the bass) came through with a lot more drive than I had expected since there wasn't a sub inside. I could see how connecting the DASH 7 to an external sub would up the game even more - although realistically I couldn't see anyone using a sub if it wasn't soundmatters portable model (a compact speaker running wires kind of negates its whole purpose I think). I did a little digging and discovered that the battery did more than contain up to 12 hours of playback power (I got over 10 on average), but was actually designed to behave as a passive sub.

I played other tracks plus music from other albums, and they were all free of any hiss or distortion. I also gave it a few minutes with an audio book ("Three Hands in the Fountain"/Lindsey Davis) to verify that voice also was handled in a clean manner.

I also discovered, as should be obvious, that bass would be enhanced by placing the DASH 7 on surfaces where it can resonate - like that of a wooden table. A direct comparison with carpeting kind of drives this home."

- Marshal Rosenthal, October 27, 2013


"You can think of this 7½-inch device as a soundbar for a tablet computer. Like a traditional television soundbar, the Dash7 is designed to span the width of a screen - in this case, that of an iPad or similar-size tablet. But unlike the most portable speakers, the Dash7 measures only ¾ inches deep. You can place it flat on a table, face up, in front of a propped-up tablet, and it will leave the image unobstructed. Yes, this leaves the Dash7 pointing toward the ceiling. But that's not an issue, because the speaker is tweaked to disperse audio at a wide angle.

Despite the Dash's slimness, its audio quality is a huge improvement over the feeble speakers built into most tablets. The iPad, for example, projects sound from one end of the device, making for a lopsided experience when watching videos, and even the front-mounted stereo speakers on less sonically challenged tablets are tinny and hollow. Connect the Dash7 and you'll notice a much-needed boost in volume and clarity.

The Dash7 can stream audio wirelessly over Bluetooth, and in our tests using an iPad to watch video, there was no lag between the sound and image that can plague other Bluetooth speakers. We also liked that the Dash7's surprisingly grippy feet provide enough friction to function as a makeshift tablet stand. Lean your tablet against some books, and the Dash7 will keep the device from sliding forward."


“the world’s best travel speaker”

"The Dash 7 would be a great product even if it weren't quite as good as the original FoxL, just because its form factor is more convenient and its look is sexier. The fact that the Dash 7 is actually slightly better than the original FoxL - and better than most competing <all much larger> Bluetooth speakers I've tried - proves that it's just as much a miracle product as the original FoxL was. There's no speaker I'd rather share my hotel room with."

- Brent Butterworth, Sound & Vision, April, 2013


Limited Warranty
soundmatters international, inc. (soundmatters) warrants foxL to the original consumer purchaser to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year after the date of purchase.

FOR COMPLETE DETAILS OF THIS WARRANTY contact soundmatters at, or by telephone at 775.981.1460 ext.2 or 800.698.SOMA ext. 2 (in US).

IMPORTANT - Keep your original sales receipt. Be sure the retail dealer has written on it the date, model number and serial number of the Product. This information is required for warranty service. Be sure to obtain and retain proof of shipment.

This warranty does not cover:

  • Damage that is the result of misuse, abuse, accident (including but not limited to damage by water), faultyhookup, defective or maladjusted associated equipment, or the use of the Product with equipment for which it was not intended.
  • Cosmetic defects that appear more than thirty (30) days after the date of purchase. Cosmetic damage caused by improper handling is also excluded.
  • Damage that occurs while the Product is being shipped to whoever will service it.

This warranty is void if:

  • The Product identification or serial number label is removed or defaced in any way.
  • The Product is serviced or repaired by anyone other than soundmatters or an authorized soundmatters dealer or service agency.

* With standard Bluetooth v2.1 A2DP compatibility